Thanks for the thought-provoking comment, Peggy! That is exactly why I found this verse to be so difficult to write about. As you might expect, I would “render unto Caesar what is his, and render unto God what is God’s”. If that meant living in abject poverty after paying taxes and tithing from our retirement funds, so be it. God has been a wonderful provider my entire life and I know He would come through somehow to make it all possible. If the taxing authorities took as much as they could, whatever we could still give to God would please Him. Luke 21:1-3

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I don't know much about your background. It sounds like you may vary well be a Calvinist?

If you only had XX amount of money, and it came down to paying your taxes vs tithing, which do you choose to obey?

Are you going to obey Civilian law or are you going to obey Gods?

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