Nice review of the Jerusalem Council. Your gotquestions summary of Kierkegaard seems to be mostly drawn from his excellent Fear and Trembling, a very difficult book but very much worth it for someone who is willing and able to wrestle with it. I don't think that they have quite grasped the essence of the Knight of Infinite Renunciation and the Knight of Faith or his understanding of the 'universal' and the 'absolute relationship with the Absolute' but they are broadly correct.

S.K. lived in a country where everyone was baptised into a Lutheran state religion and most considered themselves to be Christian though their ties to the church were merely civic and social. It was this that he fought against so fiercely. His insistence on everyone being alone with Christ, being 'transparently themselves' in His presence certainly influenced the modern evangelical understanding of a 'personal relationship' with Christ.

Like I said, Fear and Trembling is in many ways his best work but incredibly difficult. A good place to get into his thought would be his Upbuilding Discourses(why that isn't translated as Edifying I'll never know but it isn't). There is a great collection of them called Spiritual Writings:Gift, Creation, Love. His work on the Lilies and the Ravens from Matthew 6 is sublime.

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